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Mind Voice and How It Works

mind inside head

Each of us has a brain. It is physical. It is the largest organ we have in our body.

Each of us also has a mind. It is not physical. It is mental.

In our mind we hold conscious thoughts. We can stop and think of how much we enjoy the taste of chocolate candy, for instance.

If we are awake and actively engaged in what’s around us, we are said to be conscious. In contrast, a person who is said to be unconscious means that they are not awake (as in passed out or in a coma) and they are otherwise not actively engaged with what’s going on around them.

Then there is our subconscious. This part of our mind contains thoughts and memories that we are either unaware of or unable to remember and focus on in a deliberate or conscious way.

The subconscious is one important element of mind that I focus upon in my professional coaching. After getting to understand a person (by talking with them for some length of time) I create statements about the person that are relevant to them and to what they hope to achieve by getting involved in my coaching.

I write these statements that I customize and tailor for each individual that I coach. Then, I record the statements using my voice. The outcome is a digital audio recording called an MP3.

The person I am coaching stores their customized MP3 on a device such as a smart phone that they can carry with them anywhere at any time. The person plays back their MP3 into their own ears. This playback is supposed to be a totally private experience. The person should use earbuds or headphones to make sure nobody else will be able to listen in.

This is known as mind voice. This simple tactic of playback of vocalized words and thoughts into your own ears gives you access to your subconscious. What happens is that your subconscious takes in the vocalized words and thoughts so that your mind accepts what you heard as true.

This is called mind voice because it is a voice going into your mind through your ears and delivering you truth that you chose to believe and act upon. It becomes a voice that you “hear” inside your mind telling you truth that you choose to believe and act upon.

I encourage people who are involved in my coaching to play back their personalized recording each and every day. These repeated experiences cause your mind on a subconscious level to accept and ultimately remember truths that you chose for yourself.

Even if you can memorize your personalized recording, you should continue to play your MP3 in your ears every day. The outcome is that each day you take one more deliberate step to change your life.

This puts you in complete control of yourself, perhaps for the very first time in your entire life. Most people are not born with this mental skill and must choose to learn it from a qualified professional who knows what to do.